This book offers a scientific approach to holistic footwear design. It explains how to make shoes that work with the dynamics of the human body to facilitate natural walking.

People all over the world suffer from the bad effects of wearing shoes. These effects are not limited to the feet, but extend to the knees, hips and back. Even custom made shoes, shoes that fit perfectly on a person's foot, can cause pain and discomfort in the body. It is the author's conviction that truly comfortable shoes cannot reliably be made unless there is a basic understanding of how shoes function in relation to human biomechanics and the laws of nature. Shoes That Don't Hurt is an attempt to provide such an understanding. It begins with a review of some of the basic science involved in the process of walking. It then develops a set of criteria for general purpose walking shoes and describes a shoe design that satisfies the criteria. This is not an orthopedic shoe design but a design for naturally functioning feet. The shoes are flexible so as to allow a full range of motion of the feet and all parts of the body involved in walking. The ultimate goal is to create shoes that provide an experience as close as possible to barefoot walking, while protecting the feet from the impacts of modern walking environments.

The book is technical, but not difficult. It is intended for a general audience, particularly, readers with an interest in science or health. It may be of interest to anyone who feels relief when taking off a pair of shoes.

Sample Pages

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